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Free VPN Service to Unblock Video, Music & Social Websites

There are tons of reasons why people need VPN connections for daily website browsing, from this Website VPN service we can offer a totally FREE VPN service in Fast, Secure and extremely convenient ways from both USA and UK data centers. And the best thing you can do right now is to get the VPN access information below, connect to one of our VPN server then start browsing any USA or UK News, Social Media and VIdeo Stream websites freely in just minutes.

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VPN Encryption: MPPE-128 Bit
Server Location: USA & UK

US Server Host:
VPN Username:
VPN Password: freevpn

UK Server Host:
VPN Username:
VPN Password: freevpn

    VPN Bandwidth: 10Mbps Guaranteed | VPN Uptime: 24x7x365 99.9% SLA 
   US VPN Network: Salt Lake City, USA | UK VPN Network: London, United Kingdom

What can you do with Free Website VPN Service

  1. Access Full Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Amazon Video and YouTube Streaming Contents from Outside the USA;
  2. Break Out Network Restrictiion at office network or from school wireless connection;
  3. Bypass local ISP's Web Censorship and Content filtering;
  4. Watch USA-Specific Broadcasts While You Are Traveling out of North America;
  5. Use internet Searching and browsing Without gaving searches Logged, and Avoid Traceback of the search keywords;
  6. Privacy, Privacy and Privacy. It's the basic right to keep your online activities secured, VPN gives you whole new IP address to hide your access from the world.

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There are no similar Free service like is offering - super easy to get VPN setup, extremely fast VPN for a very smooth online 1080P HD video and TV streaming playing back, very reliable and consistent connection. If you want me to name a trustable VPN account for everyday web access, definitely this is the best one I strongly recommended, it's simply amazing. - Tim Dancy

How to verify if VPN connection is established

Every time when your computer or smartphone prompts that the VPN dial-up is connected, please make sure to access to make sure your VPN session is established successfully. And from the sidebar of our website, you can always double check if you have been assigned to a new internet IP address for a secure and safe web browsing experience.