Free Website VPN

Free VPN Service to Unblock Video, Music & Social Websites

Q: Can I watch the online HD video contents smoothly using your free website VPN connection?

A: YES, that is what we promise - up to 10Mbps connection spped for each free VPN session. Everytime after your VPN dial-up connection is established, feel free to check and pick up one internet speed testing website to do the bandwidth benchmark test by yourself, you won't be disappointed!

In general, there are two type of format for online HD video and TV streaming contents: 720P or 1080P. Different websites use different Video encryption technology and has more or less the bandwidth requirements for 720P/1080P smooth play back online, for example:

NetFlix:  4 Mbps for 720p HD video, 5 Mbps for the best video and audio experience
Hulu Plus: 2 Mbps for 720p video, Over 3.2 Mbps for best quality HD video and audio
Vudu: 2.3 - 4.5 Mbps for 720p video, 4.5 - 9.0 Mbps for HDX 1080p video
BBC iPlayer: Minimum 3 Mbps of sustained bandwidth for HD content
YouTube:  3 Mbps for 720p video, 4-8 Mbps for 1080p video

From above figures, you will see that for whatever video websites you are accessing, website VPN's bandwidth is more than enough for a very smooth online video streaming experience.

Q: Sound great! But after I tried to configure the VPN in my computer and my smartphone, they are not working on both platforms, is there anything wrong?

A: Our VPN service has 99.9% up-time guarantee, so mostly this issue is caused by the blocking of PPTP VPN protocols from your broadband internet service providers or from your mobilephone 3G network providers. PPTP VPN requires both GRE protocol port 47 and TCP protocol port 1723 opened. In some cases your home or office wireless router may also include the PPTP passthrough settings, if that is the case, make sure you enable the PPTP Passthrough feature too.

If you confirm that your ISP blocks GRE 47 port or TCP 1723 port, then basically you won't be able to benefit the free VPN access from us. Try to use other type of VPN service, for example L2TP, SSTP or OpenVPN.

Q: Can I use your service for Bit Torrent downloading?

A: We are very sorry, the answer is NO. Because P2P protocol eats lots of bandwidth in very short time, it dramatically affects everyone's VPN connection performance, to share the VPN resource bewteen all users, we don't allow any kind of P2P connections within our VPN network, thanks for your understanding.

Plus, to use service, you must AGREE to our terms of services including but not limited to:

  1. You won’t distribute viruses/trojans/worms or pirated copyright materials;
  2. You won’t hack, attack, scan or break into other computers, servers or websites;
  3. You won’t generate fraud transaction and abuse credit card payment systems;
  4. You won’t encourage criminal or terrorist activities.
  5. You won’t engage in child pornography activities;
  6. You won’t send unsolicited or fraudulent emails;

If anyone who trying to abuse our VPN connections for illegal activities, his/her detail VPN access logs may be exposed to US or UK's Police Departments for further investigation, thanks for your corporation.